What is a Home Inspection Checklist

The purchase of the home is obviously the biggest investment of a person in the whole lifetime. With the purchase of the home, research regarding the home is quite prudent. A professional Home Inspection Checklist is the key source of the gathering information regarding the actual condition of the home. This checklist allows planning for the safety enhancements and improvements essential to maintain and protect one’s investment.

Home inspection is strictly a visual evaluation of the readily accessible components and systems of a building. It is not the exact determination of the value of the building rather it’s the method of determining the structure and condition of the home. Inspection is generally done by the home inspection services or the home inspectors. These services are licensed and are expertise in doing their job. These home inspectors have a specific checklists and equipments to do the physical check-up of the home. Home Inspection Checklist is especially designed keeping in view all the aspects of the home and the standards to meet the expectations of the buyer too.

The checklist evaluates the pitfalls in the structure of the home. This checklist considers a number of checks to make a home the best place to live in. The checklist comprises of the entire essential to consider factors related to the interiors and exteriors of the home like the foundation, roofing, basement, floor, walls, plumbing, sewage, electrical system, heating system, cooling system, insulation, ventilation, fire and the most important, the safety. A home inspector is not allowed to move the personal items like furniture while making inspections without the prior permission from the owner. While making inspections, the checklists does not allow any damages to the building but keeps a check on the parts of the home that need to be repaired and reconstructed.

A leaky roof, incomplete pest control report, delayed HVAC inspection.

Don’t you hate it when an inspection company doesn’t perform the job that they promise on their website? Then you find out, too late, that the home inspection cost is way more than you thought.

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